Corrosion issues come in all different shapes and sizes. Behind its resolution of prevention or remediation is the strong project management strategies; Sourcing out the long-lasting materials, the coatings, the contractors who know what is expected of them, and the efforts to have the client content with the design and the progress. Regular progress reports, following up with contractors and ensuring the design and engineering are substantial is the role of Everett’s Mechanical & Corrosion Consulting.


As I am creating this new website and foretelling its content, I am happy to say that it’s more than a pleasure to finally be at this stage with a successful consulting business, working from an office at home, in Humpty Doo, amongst the beautiful natural bush, with all the native creatures to hear in the background. It’s good to be grounded. What’s unique about your office? Maybe that the sounds of native creatures is the hustle and bustle of your colleagues on the other side of the partition? All’s well if you’re in good company!