E=MC^2 is capable of carrying out vehicle modifications for GVM upgrades, lift modifications, trailer alterations/changes or roadworthiness of your vehicle or trailer.

Other mechanical engineering work may involve project management, energy monitoring, vibration troubleshooting, maintenance schedules, engineering reports and/or quality control documents. E=MC^2 can provide the client quality, unbiased and affordable outcomes.

Corrosion control is the term used to either prevent or remediate corrosion issues. Corrosion prevention can become a consideration during the design of the project and E=MC^2 can assist with providing guidance in this early stage to reduce the chances of stray current corrosion, advise on best cathodic protection systems, support with choosing the best coating applications and material selection, all dependent on the environment and in-service requirements.

Corrosion remediation is sought after once the corrosion is evident, and structural, electrical or mechanical integrity of the system/structure is compromised. E=MC^2 is available to assist with quality project management and best practice principles.